Respite Care

Respite Care in Toronto is the break that caregivers obtain by allowing someone else to temporarily take over some of their care giving duties. Used on an as needed or better yet a regular basis, respite care helps prevent caregiver burnout, by relieving some of the caregiver’s workload and stress. The vocation of caregiving for seniors who have physical or cognitive problems is not an easy one. In fact, very few people are good caregivers. It takes a special talent and level of ongoing compassion to do it well. Respite care can help avoid the last thing that a family or the senior wants and can afford and that is for the primary caregiver to burnout or even leave the care of the senior.

Many times a family member or close friend takes on the task of providing some care for the senior out of best intentions or love. This is entirely admirable but too many times the family member or friend does not fully appreciate how demanding, exhausting and draining this task can be on their emotions and on them physically.

In fact research has shown that a significant percentage of family caregivers whose vocation and training is not caregiving often suffer mental and physical issues and generally poorer health as a result of these duties with their loved ones.

Respite Care in Toronto usually takes one of three forms:

1. A second caregiver can come to the senior even when the other caregiver is there thus allowing the primary
caregiver time for a rest or break
2. The senior can actually go to another facility briefly to provide the caregiver with a break in their work
3. The senior can also attend an adult day care program for part or most of a day or a few days each week

Respite Care gives caregivers time off to:

  • Relax
  • Be with friends outside the senior’s home
  • Attend to other life responsibilities
  • Renew and recharge their batteries to continue proper care

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