Assisted Senior Living in Toronto

There are many important aspects of daily senior assisted in Toronto living to look at when considering whether or not utilize senior living assistance services. Factors such as eating, medication usage, grooming, ambulation, using a telephone, taking medications, using money, housework and being able to acquire groceries and other necessities are all important to look into when thinking of senior living.

If there are to be any difficulties with your seniors basic activities, such as eating, bathing, toileting, transferring or continence, we here at Toronto Senior Care would be happy to assist senior living with services, such as food shopping and meal preparations, medication reminders, assistance to medical appointments, errands etc.

We also provide other senior assisted living support and accompaniment for entertaining activities. Conversation, hobbies and reading can all be an essential part of healthy senior living.

Toronto Senior Care provides a wide range of senior living support services and as such employ a broad array of very talented and experienced senior living professionals and senior living providers. Our staff consists of both female and male individuals offering a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and spoken languages to assist in senior living. They possess varied and specific senior living training in order to support seniors with specific physical or cognitive challenges during their senior living assistance. They are with you to serve you, not the reverse. Their goal is to add value where you want them to make your life more comfortable and give you increased ability to live independently with dignity.

Our company, Toronto Senior Care is a private healthcare company who has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over ten years from its three offices. We provide very a comprehensive senior living for seniors and others who need some form of assistance at home. This may be a private residence, retirement residence, nursing home or hospital; regardless Toronto Senior Care’s trained professionals offer our senior living where you live.

Our mission is to provide senior living assistance in a tailored way to seniors (and others) that need senior living and some senior living support in their lives to continue to live a life of enjoyment and dignity. Over the years many private families, retirement residences, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals have called upon us for simple assistance up to complex senior living support.

Our senior living includes companion care, personal care, specialty care and nursing care. These senior living services can be provided hourly, overnight or on a 24 hour live-in care basis. We provide senior living that includes compassionate companion care, meal preparation and serving, medication supervision, bathing, personal hygiene, dressing assistance, errands, transportation and activities for seniors; bed bound senior living, palliative care and more senior living assistance.

Toronto Senior Care hires and trains only the very best caregivers and other senior living professionals. Our staff are fully bonded and insured. They are also well trained, very experienced, screened, certified and background checked. We know how important senior living is, and we wouldn’t want to trust the well beings of our loved ones with just anyone for their senior living care. That is why we hire only the best senior living professionals.